Best Paper

(Honorarium – $500)
(1989, $500; 1984, $200; 1977, $150; 1975, $100)

Year Authors Title
2014 Gregory A. Campbell, Mark A. Spalding “A Mechanism for Solid Bed Breakup in Single-Screw Extruders – Solid Bed Shape Change”
2013 Mark Spalding “Troubleshooting and Mitigating Gels in Polyolefin Film Products”
2012 Barry Morris “Troubleshooting Coex Film Problems by Considering Process Property Relationships”
2011 Joe Dooley “Producing Microlayer Blown Film Structures Using Multiplication Technology And Unique Die Technology”
2010 Mark Spalding, G. Campbell An Engineering Approach to the Correction of Rotational Flow Calculations for Single Screw Extruders
2009 Martin Zatloukal Understanding and Quantification of Die Drool Phenomenon During Polypropylene Extrusion Process
2008  Joe Dooley Multilayer Rheology Effects in Co-Extruded Structure Design
2007 Joe Dooley Determining the Processability of Multilayer Coextruded Structures
2006 Hossam Metwally Numerical and Experitmental Study of Dispersive Mixing of Agglomerates
2006 Mark Spalding,G. Campbell, F. Carson, K. Nazrisdoust The Effect of Barrel Diameter and Rotation on the Numerical Simulation of Single Screw Extruders
2005 Mark D. Wetzel, et al. Quantification of Melting Progression During Twin Screw Extrusion Using the Pulse Perturbation Technique Part I: Method, Experiment and New Insights
2004 Mark D. Wetzel, et al. A Perturbation Method to Characterize Melting During the Extrusion of Polymers and Blends
2003 Steve Oriani and G. Chapman Fundamentals of Melt Fracture Elimination using Fluoropolymer Process Aids
2002 Mark D. Wetzel Experimental Study of LDPE Melting in a Twin-Screw Extruder Using On-Line Visualization and Axial Pressure and Temperature Measurements
2001 Joe Dooley, S. Jenkins, and J. Naumovitz An Experimental Study of the Flow of an Encapsulated Polymer Melt through  a Unique Blown Film Die
2000 Mark Spalding, P. Wagner, J. Powers,  K. Hyun Flow Surging in Single-Screw, Plasticating Extruders
1999 Mark Spalding, Joe Dooley, Kun Hyun The Effect of Flight Radii Size on the Performance of Single-Screw Extruders
1998 Ashish M. Sukhadia “The Effects of Molecular Structure, Rheology,…on PE Blown Film Properties
1997 John Perdikoulias & Costas Tzoganakis Interfacial Instabilities During Coextrusion of LDPEs
1996 R. Ramanathan, R. Shanker, T. Rehg, S. Jons, D.L. Headley, W.J. Schrenk “Wave” Pattern Instability in Multilayer Coextrusion – An Experimental Investigation
1995 Joseph Dooley, Kevin Hughes Coextrusion Layer Thickness Variation – Effect of Polymer Viscoelasticity” 
1994 Joseph Dooley, Ravi Ramanathan Coextrusion Layer Thickness Variation – Effects of Geometry on Layer  Rearrangement
1993 T.W. McCullough, B.T. Hilton “The Extrusion Performance of Co-Rotating, Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruder  Screw Elements – An Experimental Investigation”
1992 Mark A. Spalding, Kun Sup Hyun Coefficients of Dynamic Friction as a Function of Temperature, Pressure, and   Velocity for Several Polyethylene Resins
1991 Joseph Dooley, Beverly Stout An Experimental Study of the Factors Affecting the Layer Thickness  Uniformity of  Coextruded Structures
1990 Steve Chum, Seema Karande, Joe Huang  “Influence of Extruder Conditions on Orientation Distribution in LLDPE   Blown  Films”
1989 J. H. Frey, C.Denson, J. Nangeroni Measurements of Diffusion Coefficients of Organic Volitile Components in Polymer Melts” 
1988 E. Mitsoulis “A Heuristic Approach to Modeling Viscoelasticity in Polymer Processing” 
1987 Costel Denson, James F. Nangeroni  “Devolatization of Concentrated Polymeric Solutions in Planar Extensional Flow” 
1986 Chris Rauwendaal “Scale-up of Single Screw Extruders”
1985 William Kramer “Gear Pump Characteristics & Application” 
1984 Chester L. Woodworth “Gear Pump Assisted Two Stage Extrusion” 
1983 Chris Rauwendaal Analysis of Extrusion Characteristics of LLDPE” 
1982 Charles R. Finch, Walter J. Schrenk “Coextrusion for Barrier Packaging” 
1981 Paul H.Squires Design of Two-Stage Extractor-Screws” 
1980 George Kruder, Robert Nunn Applying Basic Solids Conveying Measurements to Design & Operation of Single Screw Extruders
1979 Lewis Erwin, Mr. Ng Illustrations of Mixing in Laminar Flow
1978 Lewis Erwin New Fundamental Considerations in Mixing in Laminar Flow
1977 Walter T. Schrenk, et. al “Interfacial Flow Instability in Multilayer Coextrusion” 
1976 Walter Michaeli, George Menges  “Effects of Flow in Sheet Dies.” 
1975 George Kruder  “The Fundamental Mechanisms Related to Single Screw Extruder Feeding”