ANTEC® 2011 Awards Ceremony & Reception, Boston, MA

Bruce Maddock Award
Dr. Greg Campbell (left) receives the award from Dr. Mark Spalding.

Distinguished Acheivement Award
Mr. Stan Jakopin admires the Award just presented by Mr. Mark Wetzel.

Heinz Herman Award
Dr. Costas Gogos on left is presented the Heize Herman Award by Dr. Paul Andersen.

Heinz List Award
Morand Lambla was awarded the Heinz List Award posthumously.

Jack Barney Award
Mr. Frank Nissel was awarded the Jack Barney Award.

Honored Service Award
Dr. Greg Campbell received the Honored Service Award.

Best ANTEC Paper Award
Dr. Greg Campbell and Dr. Mark Spalding received the Best Paper Award from outgoing Division Chair, Mr. Mark Wetzel on right.

Awards Reception
A lively reception followed the presentation of the awards at the 2011 ANTEC.