New this year at ANTEC®—“Ask the Experts”, a series of sessions where you can get your production processing problems solved! One session is scheduled for Monday afternoon for film/sheet and profile extrusion, additional sessions are scheduled for Tuesday afternoon on single-screw extrusion, and another on twin-screw extrusion.

Each of these new sessions has an ‘expert panel’ comprised of machinery manufacturers, consultants and academia that will provide different perspectives to answer your specific processing issues:

  • Monday, May 8: “Ask the Experts” Film/Sheet/Profile Extrusion Forum: Olivier Catherine (Cloeren), John Perdikoulias (Compuplast), Eldridge Mount III (EMMount Technologies), Mahesh Gupta (Plastic Flow)
  • Tuesday, May 9: “Ask the Experts” Single-Screw Extrusion Forum: John Christiano (Davis Standard), Allan Griff (consultant), Tim Womer (TW Womer & Associates), Kevin Slusarz (Slusarz Polymer Extrusion Consulting)
  • Tuesday, May 9: “Ask the Experts” Twin-Screw Extrusion Forum: Paul Andersen (Coperion), Robert Roden (Steer), Tom McHouell (Polymers Center of Excellence), Kenneth Russell (Optimized Polymers)

Each expert will give a short presentation to open the session, the remaining time will then be open to the audience for Q&A. You can justify coming to ANTEC this year to get REAL answers to your REAL problems!

We will still have presentations of submitted technical papers from Monday through Wednesday and a tutorial session scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

Monday AM
Session Title: Film Extrusion
Moderator: Patrick Lee
  • A Basic Experimental Study of Cast Film Extrusion Process for Fabrication of Plastic Microlens Array Device
  • Enhancement of Appearance, Stiffness, and Toughness of Olefinic Blown Films with Cyclic Olefin Copolymers
  • Using Coextrusion Layer Splitting to Improve Film Tear Strength
  • Orienting Melt to Produce on Lab-Microscale High Performance and Ultra Thin Foils
  • Study of Residence Time Distribution for a Blown Film Line Using Inline UV-VIS Spectroscopy and Optical Imaging on a Film Bubble
  • On the Role of Extensional Rheology, Elasticity and Deborah Number on Neck-In Phenomenom During Flat Film Production
  • Interfacial Crystallization Affects Adhesion of Coextruded Polyolefins
Session Title: Extrusion Science and Technology
Moderator: Steve Schick
Keynote: "The Impact of Industrial Research in Polymer Processing: a Retrospective View"
  • Investigation of the Effect of Filler Concentrtion on the Flow Characteristics of Filled Polyethylene Melts
  • The Rheology of Concentrated Slurries: Experimental Evaluation and the Effects on Polymer Processing
  • Micropelletization of Virgin and Recycled Thermoplastic Materials
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Foaming Through Extrusion Using a Blowing Agent
  • Rheology of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene with Hollow Glass Microspheres for Eextrusion Process
Monday PM
Session Title: Ask The Experts—Film/sheet/profile Extrusion Forum
Moderator: Karen Xiao
Expert Panel: John Perdicoulis/Mahesh Gupta/Olivier Catherine/Eldridge M. Mount III
  • A Short Overview of Coextrusion Technology for Sheet, Flat Film and Extrusion Coating Applications, Olivier Catherine
  • Optimization of Extrusion Dies for a Uniform Exit Velocity Distribution, Mahesh Gupta
  • Shear Stress vs. Shear Rate as flow channel design criteria, John Perdikoulias
  • Emerging Barrier Coextrusion Technology for Oriented Polypropylene Films, Eldridge M. Mount III
Session Title: Multi-Screw Extrusion
Moderator: TBA
Keynote: "Control of Morphology Developments in Polymer Blending Using Reactive Extrusion Technology"
  • Effect of Screw Speed on Polyethylene-Calcium Carbonate Composites Produced Using Twin and Quad Screw Extruders
  • Direct Extrusion of PVC on the Planetary Roller Extruder


Tuesday AM
Session Title: Twin-Screw Extrusion
Moderator: David Bigio
  • Fill Ratio Distribution in a Co-Rotating Self-Wiping Twin Screw Extruder: Theoretical and Experimental Study
  • Fundamentals of Twin-Screw Compounding: Kneading Block Performance Characteristics
  • Effect of Ethylene Content on Maleic Anhydride-Grafted Polypropylene Based Block Copolymers
  • Developing a Soft Sensor Random Forest Model for the Inline Product Characterization of Polylactide (PLA) in a Twin Screw Melt Extrusion Process
  • High Speed Twin Screw Extrusion for Biodegradable Polymer Blends: Analysis of Compatibility and Rheology Prediction
  • Enhanced Dispersion of Particle Additives into Polymers Using Twin-Screw Extrusion with Ultrasound Assistance
  • Mechanism of the Operating Conditions on Dispersive Mixing and Humidity of Polymer in a Twin-Screw Extrusion Process
Session Title: Single-Screw Extrusion
Moderator: Mahesh Gupta
  • Virtual and Experimental Comparison of Different Dynamic Mixing Devices for Single Screw Extrusion
  • Scaling Laws and Fractal Screw Designs Towards Single Pellet Extrusion
  • Analyzing the Viscous Dissipation of a Two-Dimensional Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Single-Screw Extruders
  • Mitigating Gels in Polyethylene Products Produced Using Grooved-Bore, Single-Screw Extruders


Tuesday PM
Session Title: Ask The Experts: Twin-Screw Extrusion Forum
Moderator: Adam Dreiblatt
Expert Panel: Robert Roden/Paul Andersen/Tom McHouell/Ken Russell
  • Process Design for the Side Feeding of Sensitive Fillers and Additives, Robert Roden
  • Reactive Extrusion with Selective Condensation, Kenneth Russell
  • Safety Consideration in Compounding, Tom McHouell
  • Scale up: The Bump in the Road between Development and Commercialization, Paul Anderson
Session Title: Ask The Experts: Single-Screw Extrusion Forum
Moderator: Mark Spalding
Expert Panel: Tim Womer/John Christiano/Allan Griff/Kevin Slusarz
  • What Causes Catastrophic Failures to Extrusion Screws, Tim W. Womer
  • Selecting the Optimum Extruder and Screw Design for Your Application, John P. Christiano
  • A fundamental review of screw design for a single screw extruder, Kevin Slusarz
  • 10 Key Principles of Extrusion, Allan Griff


Extrusion Division Awards Ceremony and Reception


Wednesday AM
Session Title: Simulation & Modeling
Moderator: TBA
  • Elastomer Profile Coextrusion Simulation for Automotive Sealing System
  • Simulative Evaluation of the Temperature Influence on Different Types of Pre-Distributors in Spiral Mandrel Dies
  • The 3D Viscoelastic Simulation of Multi-Layer Flow Inside Film and Sheet Extrusion Dies
  • Modeling Three-Dimensional Non-Newtonian Flows in Single-Screw Extruders
  • Validation of Residence Stress Distribution Approach Using 1-D Computer Simulations
  • Design Optimization of Maddock Mixers for Single-Screw Extrusion Using Numerical Simulation


Wednesday PM
Session Title: Extrusion Tutorials
Moderator: TBA
  • Extrusion: From the Polymer’s Point of View, John Perdikoulias
  • How To Read A Material Data Sheet, Allan Griff
  • Melt Temperature Measurement in Compounding, Kenneth Russell
  • Challenges for Extrusion Technology in a Pharmaceutical GMP Environment, Chad Brown
  • High Performance Devolatilization for Twin-Screw Extruders, Robert Roden